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Embark on a Journey of Islamic Wisdom with Qari.live’s Online Hadith Course. Delve into the rich teachings of the Prophet with our accessible English and Arabic Hadith lessons. Whether at home or on the go, Qari.live brings the profound insights of Hadith closer to you. Hadith courses are designed for everyone – beginners, children, and adults.

Start exploring the depth of Prophet Muhammad’s sayings and actions with our comprehensive Hadith course. Our curriculum is designed to help you fully comprehend our teachings and their practical applications, all delivered in the English language. Flexibility is key; choose class timings that suit you and learn at your preferred pace. We invite learners from all backgrounds and levels to join our diverse and inclusive Hadith Classes Online.
Begin your enlightening journey in understanding Islamic traditions and teachings today. Benefit from the expertise and dedication of Qari.Live’s experienced Hadith instructors, guiding you every step of the way.
Hadith 4

Hadith/Hadith meaning

Hadiths are records of Prophet Muhammad’s words, deeds, and approvals in Islam. They are key for understanding and living by the Quran, providing practical life guidance.

Each Hadith has two parts: the matn, which is the saying itself, and the isnad, the list of people who reported it. This ensures its truthfulness. Studying Hadith helps Muslims know more about the Prophet’s life and get a better grasp of the Quran.

Hadiths are also important in Islamic law, influencing everyday actions, religious practices, and legal rules.

مَنْ كَذَبَ عَلَيَّ مُتَعَمِّدًا فَلْيَتَبَوَّأْ مَقْعَدَهُ مِنَ النَّارِ

Whoever intentionally lies about me (in Hadith) should find his place in Hell. Reference: Hadith (Sahih Al Bukhari)
What will you
Find True Sources
Grasp Ethical Lessons
Learn Islamic Law
Get Spiritual Tips
Study Like Scholars
Enhance Interfaith Knowledge
Learn Moral Values
Know History Better
Apply Quran Teachings
Learn Prophet’s Life
Understand Hadiths
Hadith importance
  • Hadees illuminates the soul’s path, bridging the timeless wisdom of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to everyday life. It complements the Quran, enriching understanding with profound insights. Through Hadith, Islam’s beauty is articulated in actions and words.

Hadith Course Benefits

Deep Understanding of Islam
Guided Moral Compass
Enhanced Worship
Personal Connection
Life Guidance
Spiritual Growth
Promotion of Unity
Preservation of Tradition
Cultural Insight
Certified Course
Interfaith Understanding
Online Hadith Course Certified
Hadith Learning
Ask Experts
knowledgeable scholars
Study Regularly
Make it a daily habit
Learn Arabic
Understand the original language
Check Sources
Ensure the Hadith’s chain of narrators
Remember Well
Practice memorization techniques
Read More
Compare different Hadiths
Live Ethically
Incorporate the teachings into your moral conduct.
Use Lessons
Apply teachings in your life
Know History
Learn about the times of the Prophet
Think Deeply
Analyze the meanings
Understand Setting
Learn History and cultural background
Find Originals
authentic Hadith texts

Diverse Selection of Hadith Learning Courses

Understanding the various needs of students at different levels of their Islamic education, our Hadith learning platform offers a range of specialized courses.

This course is tailored for absolute beginners, focusing on basic Hadith concepts, their significance, and introductory principles. Basic Hadith Course This includes:
1. Learning about Hadith literature
2. Understanding Hadith context
3. Fun, interactive learning sessions
Hadith Learning for Kids
Designed for children, this course has:
1. Storytelling to explain Hadiths
2. Simple examples for clarity
3. Interactive, fun activities
4. Kid-friendly content
Hadith Learning for Women
Tailored for female students, it offers:
1. Female teachers for comfort
2. Flexible class times
3. Private, respectful environment
4. Content for beginners
Advanced Hadith Studies
For those who know the basics, this course includes:
1. In-depth Hadith study
2. Learning about Hadith narrators
3. Advanced interpretation lessons
4. Critical thinking exercises
Specialized Hadith Tutoring
For students needing extra help, this course provides:
1. Custom lessons for individual needs
2. Patient, knowledgeable tutors
3. Focus on key areas
Hadith Studies with Ethical Application
This course combines Hadith study with real-life ethics, focusing on:
1. Applying Hadith in everyday life
2. Role-play and practical scenarios
3. Moral lessons from Hadith
4. Progressing towards a Hadith-inspired life
Final Evaluation and Certification
At the end of each course, students are assessed on their Hadith understanding. Successful learners receive certifications, recognizing their achievements and enabling them to progress to more advanced studies or specialized Islamic courses, deepening their connection and understanding of Hadith.

Features of the Online Hadith Classes

Interactive Learning Modules
Personalized Study Plans
Weekly 5 Lessons
24/7 Support
Discussion Forums
User-Friendly Interface
30-Minute Sessions
Female & Male Tutors
Certificate of Completion
Extra Learning Resources
Hadith Learning
Your MentorYour teacher will guide you through the meanings and teachings of Hadiths, much like a mentor.
Consistent LearningThe teacher will emphasize the importance of regular study to deepen your understanding of Hadith.
Provides InsightThey’ll explain the significance of each Hadith, not just in theory but also in practical life application.
Encourages YouExpect lots of motivation. Your teacher will support and encourage you, especially when the concepts seem complex.
Tracks ProgressYour teacher will monitor your progress and provide guidance to enhance your learning.
Embarking on learning Hadith is a significant step in your Islamic education journey. It may appear daunting initially, but with consistent effort, you’ll excel. Your instructors at Qari.live are committed to facilitating your learning in an interactive and engaging manner. Stay dedicated, and soon you’ll be adept in understanding and implementing the wisdom of Hadiths in your life.

Curriculum & Structure of Online Hadith CourseThe Online Hadith Course has a one year duration. The Lecture schedule is as follows:

Module 1:

  • What is Hadith? Exploring the Prophet’s Words, Deeds, and Approvals.
  • Distinguishing between Hadis and Sunnah.
  • Sunnah’s Role in Islamic Jurisprudence.

Module 2:

  • How Hadees were Documented, Recorded, and Spread.
  • Delving into the Discussion: Should Hadith be Written?
  • Hadith during the Sahabah’s Time and Their Main Contributors.
  • Hadith in the Time of Salaf and Leading Narrators from that Era.

Module 3:

  • Categorizing Hadis Literature. Exploring Collections:
  • Muwatta by Imam Malik
  • Musannafs
  • Musnad of Imam Ahmad.

Module 4:

  • Spotlight on Renowned Collections:
  • Sahih al-Bukhari
  • Sahih Muslim, and more.

Module 5:

  • Unveiling other Key Collections and Renowned Commentaries.

Module 6:

  • Definitions: Hadees, Khabr, and Athar.
  • Classifying Hadith Based on the Chain’s End.
  • Differentiating Hadiths by Number of Narrators.

Module 7:

  • Classifications Based on Narrator’s Credibility.

Module 8:

  • Classifying Hadees by Continuity of the Chain.
  • A Closer Look: Mursal Narrations in Islamic Schools.
  • Categorizing ahadees by Narration Style.
Each week’s date and time
Days and Time: Monday to Friday, 30 minutes per day (Total 2.5 hours)

Hadith Online Course Outcomes

  • Students can fluently recite the Quran with accurate pronunciation.
  • Learn to critically analyze various Hadiths, understanding the context, authenticity, and implications.
  • Distinguish between Sahih (authentic), Daif (weak), and other classifications, and understand the criteria scholars use to determine these classifications.
  • Acquire knowledge of the historical events and circumstances surrounding various ahadees, enriching your understanding of their relevance.
  • Learn how Hadiths are applied in everyday Islamic life, from rituals to ethical considerations, and how they complement the Quranic teachings.
  • Develop the skills to independently research and explore the vast world of Hadith, using primary and secondary sources.
Hadith Online Course

Hadith Learning Courses Challenges and solutions

Remembering HadithsRepeat Lessons Often
Understanding Hadith BackgroundUse Real-Life Examples
Learning Difficult IdeasExplain Ideas in Simple Ways
Sticking to a Study SchedulePlan Daily Study Times
Keeping Interest in LearningMake Small, Realistic Goals
Organizing Study TimeMake a Study Schedule
Learning Advanced HadithsBegin with Simple Texts
Knowing NarratorsUse Pictures and Activities
Checking How Much You’ve LearnedTest Yourself Regularly
Avoiding Getting DistractedStudy in Quiet Places

Hadith Course Prerequisite

  • Islamic Fundamentals
    Dive into the course with some groundwork on Islam’s core beliefs and practices. This equips you with a clear lens to understand Hadith in its true essence, rooted deeply in Islamic teachings.
  • Bond with the Quran
    The Quran and Hadees go hand in hand. A preliminary connection with the Quranic verses enhances your grasp of Hadith, showcasing the synergy between these twin pillars of Islamic wisdom.
  • A Touch of Arabic
    The beauty of Hadees shines brightest in its original Arabic. While you’ll find translations in online courses, even a beginner’s knowledge of Arabic brings you closer to the Hadith’s authentic feel and depth.
  • Passion & Dedication
    Embracing an online Hadees journey means carving out dedicated study moments and channeling a passion for profound Islamic insights.
Online Hadith Course

Free Online Hadith Courses at Qari.live

At Qari.Live, we firmly believe in the universal right to knowledge and the profound impact of the Hadees on personal and communal growth. Understanding that not everyone can afford our course, we proudly offer a free Online Hadith Course for those in need.

Our mission is to make Islamic teachings accessible to all, regardless of financial constraints. Please reach out if you’re passionate about deepening your understanding of the Hadees but cannot bear the cost. We’re here to support your journey and ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to learn and grow with us.

Are you ready Learn Hadith Course Online?

Learn Islamic hadith online with Qari.live

Foundation CourseDive into the fundamentals of Hadees with an introduction to its key concepts. Embark on an enlightening journey with 40 select Ahadith tailored for beginners.

Intermediate MasteryDeepen your understanding by exploring the dual facets of Hadith: Matan & Ruwat. Engage with the renowned “Mishkat ul Masabih” text to strengthen your grasp.

Expert InsightsElevate your expertise with a profound dive into Hadees studies. Discover the intricate “Usool ul Hadith” and immerse yourself in the wisdom of the six seminal Hadith collections.

Hadith About Jihad

Why Choose Qari.live For Hadith Course Online?


Top-notch ScholarsDive deep into Hadees with our esteemed experts guiding your journey.


Study on Your TermsOur digital platform lets you learn from anywhere, anytime. Fit lessons into your life, not the other way around.


Deep Dive into HadithWe’ve covered it, from significant collections to profound insights into Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


Guaranteed RefundWe ensure your contentment with a no-risk commitment to your Quranic learning.


Affordable FeeOur fees are set to be affordable, making education accessible to every student.


Interactive & ImmersiveOur lively virtual classrooms and thought-provoking discussions make learning a joy.


Earn CertificationUpon successful course completion, you’ll be awarded a certificate recognizing your accomplishment.

Are you ready Learn Hadith Course Online?

Monthly Fees Structure

Course CategorySession DurationClasses FrequencyFee (Per Month)
Basic Hadith Learning30 minutes12 sessions monthly$50/month
Intensive Hadith Classes30 minutes20 sessions monthly$82/month
Weekend Hadith Learner30 minutes8 sessions every month$32/month
Personalized Hadith Study30 minutesTailored to the learner’s needs$11/session
Group Family Plan30 minutes12 sessions monthly (For up to 3 relatives)$92/month

Certainly! If you have any questions or need additional help, feel free to reach out to our helpful support team at support@qari.live.

Feedback on Our Online Hadees Course

10Expert Score
Sadaf Malik

I joined the Hadith Course at Qari. Live this year, and it’s been amazing. I’ve tried other online courses, but this one’s the best. The timings fit my schedule, and the lessons were clear and easy to understand. The teachers were really dedicated. Big thanks to the Qari.live team!

9Expert Score
Ahmad Naeem

I took the Online Hadith Course at Qari. I lived and was really happy with it. The teachers know much about Hadith, and the live sessions were great. The online materials helped a lot. I also enjoyed learning with other students. I’ve learned a lot and feel closer to the teachings of Hadith. Everyone should try it!

Are you ready Learn Hadith Course Online?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is the Online Hadith Course suitable for someone new to the subject?

Absolutely! The course is tailored to cater to both beginners and those at an intermediate level.

How long will it take to complete the Hadith course online?

While the duration can vary, most students finish the course in a few weeks to several months.

Are the teachers of the course well-versed in Hadees?

Absolutely. All our instructors are seasoned scholars with deep expertise in Hadith.

Upon completing the course, will I receive a certificate?

Yes, after course completion, you’ll be awarded a certified document.

How Hadith was derived from Quran?

The Hadees was not derived from the Quran. Instead, Hadees are the recorded sayings, actions, and approvals of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). While the Quran is the direct word of God revealed to the Prophet, the Hadees serves as a complementary source that provides context, explanation, and elaboration on the teachings of the Quran. Both are essential in understanding Islamic teachings and law.

People Also Ask

What does “Ḥadith” refer to?

A Ḥadith is a narration that describes the words, actions, or approvals of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It serves as a guide to understanding and interpreting Islamic teachings alongside the Qur’an.

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