Tajweed Quran Online Course

Learn Tajweed with our Tajweed Quran online course. Our Online Tajweed Lessons allow you to learn to read the Quran from your home. Best Online Tajweed Course are for newbies, intermediate students, and those aiming for mastery.

Tajweed Classes step-by-step approach helps you improve Quran recitation with proper pronunciation and rhythm. Choose a class time that fits you. We invite students of all ages and levels to join our always-available Tajweed lessons.

Learn to read Quran online with today’s Tajweed Quran course and our full, committed Tajweed program. Get to know the amazing teaching of Qari.Live’s top Tajweed teachers. Join us to honor the beauty and precision of the Qur’an through our accessible Tajweed classes.

Tajweed Quran Online Course

What is the Tajweed

Tajweed is all about learning to recite the Qur’an the way Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) did. The word “Tajweed” comes from “Jawdah,” which means “quality.” It’s about making your recitation better and doing it well. It shows us that every letter of the Qur’an should be given its due, with proper pronunciation and care.

By following Tajweed rules, we respect each letter and its characteristics, no matter the context we read it. These rules have been part of the Qur’an’s recitation since it was first revealed. Just like when Angel Jibreel (AS) brought Allah’s words to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), he specially recited them and showed the Prophet (PBUH) how to do it.

This tradition has been passed down to us, and now, with online Tajweed courses, you can learn to recite the Qur’an with the respect and precision it deserves right from your home.

أَوْ زِدْ عَلَيْهِ وَرَتِّلِ الْقُرْآنَ تَرْتِيلًا 

“Or add to it, and recite the Qur’an with measured recitation.”
Surah Al-Muzzammil (73:4)
What will you
مخارج الحروفخ (Khaa) is pronounced from the end of the throat (خاء).
أحكام النون الساكنة والتنوينIzh-har,
Idgham, Iqlab,
أحكام لام اللهاللَّهُ” (Allah), the Laam is pronounced thickly.
مَدّ(Madd Tabii)الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ,(Madd Far’i) آمَنَ
تَفْخِيم و تَرْقِيقرَحِيم” has the letter ر pronounced lightly due to the kasra.
النظرية والتطبيق العمليApplication of all the rules above
تدريب التلاوةPracticing the above rules in actual recitation
قَلْقَلَةالدُّنْيَا” (Addunya), where the letter د (dal) has a qalqalah
الوقف والابتداءThe sign م(small meem) indicates a preferred stop (waqf).
أحكام الراءرَحْمَنِ” has the Raa pronounced with full mouth due to the (vowel) before it.
أحكام الميم الساكنةIzh-har Shafawi, Idgham Shafawi, Ikhfa Shafawi
صفات الحروفص (Saad) is pronounced with full mouth (tafkheem – تَفْخِيم).

Tajweed Course Benefits

Interactive Tools
Quran Understanding
Modern Learning
Focused Attention
Certified Course
Tajweed Quran Online Course Certificate
Learn Quran Tajweed Fast TechniquesTips
Schedule the Study
Headphone Use
Patience and Persistence
Instructor Feedback
Visual Aids
Goal Setting
Lesson Review
Daily Practice
Quiet Learning Environment

Diverse Course Selection of Online Tajweed Classes

Qari.Live offers an array of specialized Tajweed Quran Classes.

Tajweed for Kids
Duration: 6 Months, 30-minute sessions twice a week.
Focus: Basic Tajweed rules, alphabet pronunciation, fun recitation with games and stories.
Tajweed for Adults
Duration: 1 Year, 1-hour weekly sessions.
Focus: Comprehensive Tajweed rules, recitation practice, and correcting common mistakes.
Tajweed for Women
Duration: 8 Months, 45-minute weekly sessions.
Focus: Women-centric Tajweed lessons, pronunciation, and recitation.
Advanced Tajweed Course
Duration: Customizable, recommended 6 Months, 1.5-hour weekly sessions.
Focus: Advanced Tajweed rules, different Qira’at styles, and Tarteel practice.
Common Course Features
Interactive LMS: Progress tracking and engaging learning modules.
Certification: Completion certificates for all participants.
Assessment: Quizzes, assignments, and oral exams for proficiency tracking.

Features of the Quran Tajweed Classes

Customized Learning
Weekly Lessons
Comprehensive Curriculum
Concise Class Duration
Technical Assistance
Multilingual Instruction
Round-the-Clock Availability
Interactive Virual Sessions
Gender-Inclusive Tutoring
Additional Learning Materials
Tajweed Class Teachers RolesResponsibilities
Curriculum DesignCreate engaging Tajweed lessons for online learning.
Supply ResourcesProvide materials for Tajweed practice.
Student AssistanceOffer extra help to students when needed
Active TeachingConduct interactive online Tajweed classes.
Monitor ProgressAssess students and give constructive feedback.
Handle TechManage the online learning platform and assist with any issues.
Embrace DiversityCreate a respectful and inclusive online classroom.

Online Tajweed Course Lecture ScheduleThe best tajweed course has a 3-month duration. The Lecture schedule is as follows:

1-2 Week

  • Understanding the concept of Tajweed.
  • Articulation points of Arabic letters (Makharij).
  • Characteristics of letters (Sifat).
  • Basic rules of Noon Sakinah and Tanween.
  • Practice with individual letters.
  • Daily practice and revision.

3-4 Week

  • Understanding the concept of Tajweed.
  • Articulation points of Arabic letters (Makharij).
  • Characteristics of letters (Sifat).
  • Basic rules of Noon Sakinah and Tanween.
  • Practice with individual letters.
  • Daily practice and revision.

5-6 Week

  • Introduction to heavy and light letters (Tafkheem and Tarqeeq).
  • Rules of Ra.
  • Practice of Noon Qutni.
  • Recitation of Quranic phrases with application of the learned rules.
  • Daily practice and revision.

7-8 Week

  • The concept of Madd (elongation).
  • Different types of Madd and their application.
  • Rules of Waqf (stopping) and Ibtida (starting).
  • Practicing verses with advanced Tajweed rules.
  • Daily practice and revision.

5-6 Week

  • Recitation with attention to the rules of Tajweed.
  • Memorization techniques for longer verses.
  • Refinement of previous rules and practice.
  • Daily practice and revision.

7-8 Week

  • A comprehensive review of all Tajweed rules learned.
  • Practice recitation with a teacher and peer-to-peer.
  • Assessment of student’s progress with feedback.
  • Remedial sessions for students requiring additional help.

Final Week

  • Importance of Tajweed in daily recitation and Islamic worship.
  • Final assessment of students’ recitation.
  • Graduation ceremony and distribution of tajweed course certificates.
  • Final feedback session and recommendations for further learning.

Session Timings

  • Monday to Friday.
  • Customizable timing

Tajweed Course Outcomes

  • Certification in Tajweed proficiency
  • Accurate Quranic recitation skills
  • Ability to correct recitation errors
  • Eligibility to teach basic Tajweed
  • Foundation for further Islamic studies
  • Skills to lead Quranic recitations in the community
  • Fluent Recitation
  • Teaching Eligibility
  • Tajweed Error Correction
Tajweed Quran Couse Outcomes

Tajweed Courses Challenges and Solutions

Hard to pronounceListen and repeat after experts
Too many rulesLearn step by step with graphics
Need to practice a lotPractice a little every day
No teachers nearbyLearn online with a teacher
Different cultureLearn about why it’s important
Keeping track of progressGet certificates and check your learning progress
Need feedbackSend recordings to teachers or use apps that help

Online Tajweed Course Prerequisite

  • Know the basic Arabic alphabet and reading
  • Stable internet for uninterrupted online classes
  • Computer or tablet with audio/video capabilities
  • Set regular time for classes and practice
  • Obtain a Tajweed Quran (color-coded preferred)
  • Find a quiet space for focused learning
  • Maintain sincere intent and motivation
  • Respect Quranic recitation’s cultural significance.
Prerequisite Online Tajweed Course

Free Quran Tajweed Course

We know it’s important for everyone to be able to get a good Islamic education. So, if you don’t have much money, you can learn to read the Quran for free tajweed course with us. If you can pay, the fee is affordable, making sure learning the Quran is possible for all.

Choosing Qari.Live means you join a learning journey that doesn’t let money get in the way. Come learn with us, where your faith and learning are the most important things. You can also learn how to recite the Quran beautifully and correctly with our complete tajweed course free at Qari.Live.

Learn Quran Tajweed For Free
Are you ready Learn Noorani Qaida Online?

Why Our Tajweed Online Lessons are the Best Choice?

Adaptive learning technology
Community events and webinars
Cultural exchange programs
Live Q&A sessions.
Pronunciation practice tools.
In-depth performance analytics.
Access to global Tajweed competitions.
Offline access to materials.
Customized learning paths
Tools for parental involvement in learning
Gamified learning experiences
Direct scholar access for queries.
Real-time recitation feedback.
Special modules for kids.
Regular updates with new features.
Online Tajweed Course Free for Some Students
Are you ready Learn Noorani Qaida Online?

Monthly Fees Structure

Course NameDurationFrequencyFee (Per Month)
Tajweed for Kids6 Months30 minutes, 5 days a week$30
Tajweed for Adults1 Year1 hour, 5 days a week$22
Tajweed for Women8 Months45 minutes, 3 days a week$22
Advanced Tajweed CourseCustomizable (6 Months recommended)1.5 hours, 3 days a week$30

For any inquiries or further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team at support@qari.live.

What People Say About Us

10Expert Score

The Tajweed Quran classes were enlightening and very detailed. The instructor was knowledgeable and patient, providing clear explanations and practical tips. With interactive sessions and flexible timings, it’s great for both beginners and those looking to refine their recitation skills.

9Expert Score

This Tajweed ul Quran Course is comprehensive and well-structured, making it easy to follow. The course materials were thorough, and the progression from basic to advanced levels was smooth. The online convenience and supportive community added to the positive learning experience.

9.5Expert Score

The online Tajweed lessons were surprisingly engaging and effective. The use of modern technology to teach traditional recitation techniques was impressive. The flexibility to learn at my own pace, coupled with the personal attention from the tutor, made these lessons a valuable resource.

Are you ready Learn Noorani Qaida Online?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Do you have group sessions for Tajweed training?

Sure, we offer group sessions in our Tajweed online course, great for learning together with others.

Is there an age requirement for this class?

Nope, there’s no age limit. Anyone keen to learn is welcome.

I know basic Tajweed; can I start at Level 2?

Yes, if you’ve got the basics down, you can jump straight to Level 2.

How to learn Tajweed online?

You can learn Tajweed online by signing up for specialized courses that provide structured lessons and personal feedback from qualified instructors.

What is a Tajweed class?

A Tajweed class is a dedicated educational session focused on teaching the rules of Quranic recitation, ensuring proper pronunciation and articulation.

People Also Ask

How to improve your Tajweed?

Improving your Tajweed involves regular practice, seeking feedback from skilled teachers, and utilizing online resources and recordings to refine your recitation.

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