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Start your journey with our easy and accessible online ijazah course at Qari.live. This course is free for all ages and designed to be engaging and straightforward. Whether you’re just beginning or looking to enhance your skills, our Quran ijazah Course offers simple lessons in English and Arabic.

Our Online ijazah Course, including the ijazah Quran online program, is ideal for kids, adults, and beginners with Qari. You can learn from home at your own pace and choose class times that suit you. The focus is on Arabic and Quranic pronunciation basics, ensuring a deep understanding of the language.

Join our Quran ijazah online course for a unique learning experience. Our experienced teachers at Qari. Live is here to support and guide you through your learning journey. Begin your online ijazah course now and establish a strong foundation in Quranic reading.

What is Ijazah?/Ijazah meaning

In Islamic learning, students can earn an exceptional achievement called “Ijazah.” Think of it like a particular certificate. When students study the Quran and do well, their Teacher, known as the “Mujaz,” might give them this Ijazah/Sanad. It’s not just a piece of paper – it’s a big deal. “Ijazah” or “Ijaza” (in Arabic: الإِجازَة) means the student isn’t just good at understanding the Quran, but they also have the Teacher’s blessing to teach it to others. It’s like being given an official stamp that says, “You’re now a trusted teacher of the Quran!”

خَيْرُكُمْ مَنْ تَعَلَّمَ الْقُرْآنَ وَعَلَّمَهُ

The best among you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it
Reference: Sahih Bukhari 5027
What will you
Recitation ProficiencyBuild a confident and melodious recitation style by mastering all Tajweed rules.
Understanding of TafsirExplore Quranic meanings for deeper understanding and connection.
Ijazah Certification PreparationGet guidance for Ijazah certification requirements and exam prep.
Scholarly DevelopmentInspire students to become Quranic scholars and educators.
Interaction with Qualified TeachersLearn from experienced teachers to master Quranic recitation.
Prayers LessonMaster the art of prayer with our expert lessons.
Online Assessments and FeedbackRegular online assessments and feedback for Ijazah prep.
Practical Application of Islamic PrinciplesApply Quranic teachings in daily life, focusing on ethics.
Hadith StudiesExploring key Hadiths for Quranic and Islamic insight.
Memorization TechniquesEfficient Quran memorization methods.
Comprehensive Tajweed RulesAdvanced Tajweed study for precise Quranic pronunciation.
Traditional Methods of Acquiring Ijazah

  • Mujalasah (Sitting with the Teacher): Students spend extended hours sitting with their Teacher, listening, discussing, and absorbing knowledge.
  • Talaqqi (Direct Transmission): Direct face-to-face learning where the student recites, and the Teacher corrects or confirms, ensuring mastery of the text.
  • Riwayah (Narration): The student learns through the narration of texts, ensuring they comprehend the chain of transmission and context.
  • Suhbah (Companionship): An immersive method where students live close to or with their Teacher, experiencing daily life and informal learning moments together.
  • Khatm (Completion): After thoroughly studying a text or subject, a formal session signifies the student’s readiness, often culminating in receiving the Ijazah.

Ijazah Course Online Benefits

Variety of Scholars
Interactive Learning Environment
Personalized Attention
Digital Resources
Certification and Recognition
Quran Ijazah Certificate
Online Ijazah Course Learning
Gradual Progression in Recitation
Practical Application of Recitation
Interactive Learning Sessions
Cultivating Patience and Persistence
Understanding the Background of Quranic Verses
Consistent Practice and Repetition
Utilization of Audio and Visual Aids
Regular Revision and Review
In-Depth Study of Tafsir
Encouragement and Motivational Rewards
Regular Feedback from Certified Scholars
Start with Advanced Tajweed

Diverse Selection of Online Ijazah Courses

Understanding the unique requirements of learners at different stages of their Quranic education, our academy offers a variety of specialized Online Ijazah courses.

Tailored for those starting their journey towards Ijazah certification.
Basics of Tajweed and Quranic recitation.
Introduction to the principles of Quranic memorization.
Interactive sessions with audio-visual aids for effective learning.
Specially designed for young learners, using child-friendly teaching methods.
Engaging recitation and memorization techniques.
Use of stories and illustrations to explain Quranic concepts.
Interactive and playful learning environment.
Offers a comfortable and respectful learning environment for female students.
Female instructors for personalized guidance.
Flexible class schedules considering individual needs.
Privacy-focused and supportive atmosphere.
For students who have mastered the basics and seek deeper knowledge.
Advanced Tajweed rules and their application in recitation.
In-depth study of Tafsir and Hadith.
Preparation for Ijazah certification.
Tailored for students requiring additional support or facing specific challenges.
Personalized lesson plans.
Personalized tutoring sessions with skilled instructors.
Special focus on areas of difficulty and reinforcement learning.
Integrating advanced Tajweed rules with Ijazah course content.
Comprehensive study of Tajweed principles.
Practical recitation sessions with Quranic text.
Emphasis on mastering pronunciation and articulation.
At the end of each course, students undergo assessments to evaluate their readiness for Ijazah certification. Successful learners receive certification and can progress to more advanced studies or teaching roles, enhancing their connection with the Quran.

Features of the Qari. live’s online ijazah course

Free Trial Session
English, Urdu & Arabic Languages
Five Lessons weekly
24 Hour Availability
Authority to Teach and Issue Ijaza
Flexible Recitation Schedule
Customizable Timetable
Male and Female both Tutors
Technical Support
Ijaza Certificate Upon Completion
Course Teacher’s
Your Expert GuideTeachers show you how to perfect your Quran recitation and understand its meanings, much like a skilled coach.
Understanding FacilitatorThey explain the importance of each lesson for a deeper connection with the Quran.
Source of EncouragementExpect lots of motivation and support, especially when facing challenging aspects.
Advocates Regular PracticeEmphasizes the importance of practice for improving recitation and memorization skills.
Progress TrackerMonitors your development and offers personalized guidance to enhance your learning.
The Online Ijazah Course is a key step in your Quranic journey. It might be challenging, but with your teacher’s guidance and regular practice, you’ll soon master it. Our dedicated teachers are here to make your learning engaging and effective.

Online Ijazah Quran Course Lecture ScheduleThe Quran ijazah online Course has a 3-month duration. The Lecture schedule is as follows:

1-2 Week Background & Foundations

  • 1.1 Historical Context of Ijaza
  • Origin and evolution
  • Significance in Islamic scholarship
  • 1.2 Basics of Qur’anic Arabic
  • Importance of Arabic phonetics
  • The Arabic script and its uniqueness

3-4 Week Preliminary Tajweed Rules

  • 2.1 Introduction to Tajweed
  • Why Tajweed is crucial
  • Basic terminologies
  • 2.2 Makharij (Articulation Points)
  • Study of 17 Maharaj
  • Practical exercises
  • 2.3 Sifaat (Characteristics of Letters)
  • Basic and secondary characteristics
  • Application in recitation

5-6 Week Advanced Tajweed Techniques

  • 3.1 Noon Sakinah & Tanween Rules
  • Identifying instances
  • Practical application
  • 3.2 Madd (Elongation) Rules
  • Types of Madd and their applications
  • 3.3 Emphasis & Softness ( Tafheem & Tarqeeq)
  • Recognizing letters of Tafkheem
  • Practical exercises

7-8 Week Proficiency in Recitation

  • 4.1 Memorization Techniques
  • Tools and techniques for efficient memorization
  • Practical sessions
  • 4.2 Recitation to Instructors
  • Weekly recitations to ensure accuracy
  • Error correction sessions
  • 4.3 Reflecting on Verses
  • Tafsir (exegesis) sessions for deeper understanding
  • Connecting with the Quran spiritually

9-10 Week Exploring Qira’at

  • 5.1 Different Styles of Recitation
  • History and origin of Qira’at
  • Importance in Islamic tradition
  • 5.2 Study of Popular Qira’at
  • Focus on Shu’bah, Hafs, and Warsh
  • Differences and similarities

11-12 Week Final Assessment & Ijaza Certification

  • 6.1 Review Sessions
  • Recap of primary rules and principles
  • Pre-assessment recitations
  • 6.2 Assessment by Certified Qaris
  • Individual assessments
  • Constructive feedback
  • 6.3 Granting of Ijaza
  • Criteria for Ijaza
  • Responsibility and honor of the Ijaza holder
Each week’s date and time
Days and Time: Monday to Friday, 30 minutes per day (Total 2.5 hours)

Outcomes Of Ijazah Program Course 

  • Understanding of Tajweed Rules:
    • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the principles of Tajweed.
  • Perfection in Quran Recitation with Tajweed:
    • Ability to recite the Quran fluently, applying all Tajweed rules correctly.
  • Mastery in Quran Memorization:
    • Capability to recite the Quran from memory without mistakes.
  • Teaching Abilities:
    • Skills to teach the Holy Quran to others effectively, ensuring they understand and apply Tajweed rules.
Tajweed Ijazah Course

Quran ijazah online Courses Challenges and solutions

Mastering Advanced Tajweed RulesBreak down Tajweed rules into simpler segments.
Perfecting Quran RecitationPractice regularly with audio recordings and teacher feedback.
Consistent MemorizationUse spaced repetition and mnemonic devices.
Balancing Study TimeDevelop a structured study timetable.
Maintaining MotivationSet small, achievable goals and celebrate progress.
Recitation PaceBegin with slow, deliberate recitation, gradually increase speed.
Understanding Complex VersesUse Tafsir and contextual explanations for comprehension.
Regular RevisionIncorporate regular review sessions into the routine.
Dealing with DistractionsCreate a quiet, focused study environment.
Preparation for Ijazah CertificationConduct mock exams and focused revision sessions.

Quran ijazah Online Course Prerequisite

  • Ability to Read the Quran: Have a foundational understanding of how to read the Quran. This is the primary step before diving into the nuances of Tajweed and memorization.
  • Study Tajweed Rules: Familiarize and grasp all the Tajweed rules well. Tajweed ensures the Quran is recited as it was revealed, preserving the beauty and meaning of its verses.
  • Free Trial Session: A session with an ijaza Certified Tutor will gauge the student’s current recitation (Tilawah) level and determine their readiness for the course.
  • Mastering Arabic Reading: Students should be proficient in reading Arabic, as the Quran is in classical Arabic.
  • Mastering Tajweed Rules: In-depth understanding and application of Tajweed rules are crucial for accurate Quranic recitation.
  • Final Recitation: As a culmination of the course, students must recite the entire Quran (all 30 Juz) to the tutor for assessment.
  • Quran Recitation by Heart: Specifically for the Quran Memorization Ijazah Program, students must be able to recite the Quran from memory.
Online Ijazah Course Admission

Ijazah course for free at Qari.live

Want to dive deeper into Quranic studies but tight on budget? No worries! We’ve got you covered with our Online Ijaza Courseabsolutely FREE! Ideal for those who can’t opt for paid classes, our course lets you connect with the Quran more intimately. Begin your enriching journey from home with us today!

Become a part of our Free Online Ijazah Course. Be certified in Quran reading and continue the age-old tradition of teaching the Quran ideally.

Online Ijazah Course
Are you ready For Ijazah online?

5 Easy Steps To Get Ijaza Online

Norani Qaida

1. Join the Online Ijaza CourseStart with the fundamentals by enrolling in online courses to learn Quran reading. Benefitting from expert instructors, you’ll grasp the basics at an affordable price.

Norani Qaida

2. Join the Nazra Quran CourseDiscover the beauty and guidance of the Quran through our comprehensive Nazra Quran course. Our expert instructors will guide you step by step, ensuring you learn to recite the Quran accurately and with Tajweed, the rules of proper Quranic pronunciation

Norani Qaida

3. Join the Tajweed Quran CourseTajweed, the rules governing Quran recitation, helps ensure each word is pronounced correctly. Delving into advanced Tajweed Course provides accurate Quranic reading.

Norani Qaida

4. Join the Quran Memorization CourseOnce proficient in Tajweed, embark on Quran memorization. With the ability to recite flawlessly, memorization becomes more accessible. While a demanding endeavor, Online Quran memorization course offer regular sessions with seasoned trainers, teaching effective memorization techniques for swifter progress.

Ijaza Online
Norani Qaida

5. Join 10 Qira’at CourseThe Ten Qiraat Course represent the prominent Quran recitation methods through established authority chains. Each Qiraat originates from a renowned narrator with an authenticated chain (Sanad Sahih). Grasping the 10 Qiraat enables discernment of varying Quranic recitations, as each has unique Tajweed rules.

Why Our Quran ijazah course are the Best Choice?


Expert Help:Our certified Ijazah teacher is there to guide and help you every step of the way.


Learn Your Way:Study where you’re comfy, at home, and pick times that work for you.


Respected Certificate:Our Ijazah certificate is well-known and respected worldwide.


Share the Knowledge:Learn the Quran, then teach others its beauty.


Reasonable Fee:Affordable priced for accessibility to all students.


Accommodations:Course available at no cost for students who cannot afford the fee, ensuring education for all.

Embark on your journey towards mastery in Quranic studies with Qari.live, where excellence in education meets the convenience of online learning. Join our esteemed program today and earn your well-deserved Ijazah certification.
Are you ready For ijazah course online?

Monthly Fees Structure

Course CategorySession DurationFrequencyFee (Per Month)
Ijazah Course for Beginners30 mints5 days Per week$25
Quran Ijazah for Kids30 mints5 days Per week$30
Ijazah Online for Women30 mints5 days Per week$30
Advanced Ijaza Course30 mints5 days Per week$40
Specialized Ijazah Tutoring30 mints5 days Per week$50
Quran ijazah Course with Tajweed Essentials30 mints5 days Per week$25

Need help? Reach out to our support at support@qari.live.

What People Say About Us

10Expert Score
Ahmed, 16 years old

I suggest the Ijazah course at Qari.live. My Teacher was so patient and helpful. I loved learning with them.

9Expert Score
Aisha, 14 years old

Qari.Live’s Ijazah course is amazing! My reading improved, and I’m proud to have my Ijazah.

Are you ready For Quran ijazah online?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What does “Ijazah” mean?

“Ijazah” is Arabic for “permission.” It signifies the right to teach or share knowledge.

How can I get an Ijazah?

You must study intensively, prove your mastery, and get a nod from a certified teacher.

How is an Ijazah different from an academic degrees?

While an Ijazah is a traditional Islamic certificate marking the end of religious studies, including the Quran and Hadith, academic degrees are formal awards by educational bodies for secular studies.

 Is the Ijazah recognized globally?

Yes, Ijazahs are recognized around the world as qualifications in Islamic studies.

How much time is needed to finish an Ijazah program?

It varies based on the course and its intensity, ranging from several months to even years.

People Also Ask

Is the free trial session available to everyone?

Anyone interested in the course can sign up for a free trial session.

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