Quranic Arabic Language Course

Learn Arabic Online with Easy-to-Follow English and Arabic Language Lessons at Qari.live. Join us for our Online Arabic Language Course. You can master the Arabic language easily from the comfort of your home. Our Online Arabic Language Classes are designed for beginners, kids, and adults alike.
Start learning the fundamentals of Arabic language and pronunciation with our comprehensive course. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to ensure you can thoroughly understand each aspect of the Arabic language. Choose class schedules that suit you and learn at your own pace. We welcome students of all backgrounds and proficiency levels to join our affordable, around-the-clock Arabic language lessons.
Embark on your journey of learning the Arabic language today and establish a strong foundation in both spoken and written forms. Experience the support and guidance of Qari.Live’s exceptional Arabic language teachers.

Arabic Language

Quranic Arabic is the unique style of Arabic used in the Holy Quran. Think of it as an older, classical form from around the 7th century, before today’s many Arabic dialects. When the Quran was revealed in the Arabian Peninsula, it came in this pure, untouched style of Arabic.

Today, while we have the Quran translated into many languages, there’s something unique about reading and understanding it in its original form and Enrich your faith by delving into the profound wisdom of the Quran with our Quranic Arabic Language Course. It’s like getting closer to its teachings’ true essence and depth. For many Muslims, knowing Quranic Arabic deepens their bond with their faith, giving them a direct link to the very words believed to be from God.

إِنَّا أَنزَلْنَاهُ قُرْآنًا عَرَبِيًّا لَّعَلَّكُمْ تَعْقِلُونَ 

“Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an so that you may understand.” Surah Yusuf verse 2
What will you
Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)The modern form of Classical Arabic.
Nabatean ArabicAn old script from the 2nd century.
Quranic ArabicThe specific language of the Qur’an is a bit different from Classical Arabic.
MalteseA language from Malta with Arabic roots. It’s not precisely Arabic, but it’s closely related.
Old North ArabianArabic varieties from northern Arabia before Classical Arabic.
Colloquial ArabicEveryday spoken language with regional variations.
Classical ArabicIt’s the basis for Modern Standard Arabic.
Purpose of Learning Arabic Language

  • History’s Lingua Franca: Arabic, for centuries, has acted as a bridge between diverse cultures, promoting mutual understanding and knowledge exchange.

  • A Gateway to Wisdom: During periods like the Islamic Golden Age, Arabic was the beacon of enlightenment, transmitting science, art, and philosophy between the East and West.

  • Spiritual Essence: The chosen language for the Holy Qur’an provides Muslims with a profound connection to their faith, allowing them to grasp divine revelations in their original context.

  • Today’s Tool: In our modern era, Arabic’s relevance stretches from diplomatic corridors and business hubs to vibrant art scenes, making it a key player in global dialogues.

  • Bond of Unity: While the Arab world is diverse with its dialects, the standard Arabic language unifies, bridging cultural nuances and creating a shared identity.

  • Academic Journey: To learn Arabic is to immerse oneself in a treasure trove of classical literature while navigating modern global conversations.

  • Cultural Tapestry: Arabic isn’t just a language; it’s a repository of traditions, legends, and insights from the vast Islamic and Middle Eastern world, echoing tales of bygone eras and contemporary thoughts.

Benefits of Learning Arabic Language

Discovering Arabic Letters
Dive into Words
Intimate Reflection
Elevated Prayer Experience
True Essence of the Message
Mental Workout
Journey through Islamic History
Gateway to Islamic Knowledge
Certification after completion
Arabic Language Certificate Course
Arabic Language
Vocabulary Expansion
Speak Confidently
Cultural Immersion
Reading Comprehension
Interactive Learning
Consistent Review
Memory Techniques
Pronunciation Practice
Writing Exercises
Grammar Focus
Listen Actively
Practice Regularly

Comprehensive Arabic Language Courses for Diverse Learners

At our institution, we recognize the diverse needs of learners at various stages of their Arabic language journey. Our selection includes a variety of specialized courses, each designed to cater to these distinct needs.

Arabic Language Fundamentals for Beginners
This beginner-level course is ideal for those starting from zero, focusing on the essentials of the Arabic language. It includes:
1. Basic understanding and pronunciation of Arabic alphabets.
2. Introduction to fundamental grammar concepts.
3. Interactive sessions employing visual aids for improved comprehension and engagement.
Arabic Language Course for Children
Specially designed for young learners, this course features:
1. Kid-friendly teaching methods with animated content.
2. Basic language concepts are taught through fun stories and songs.
3. Interactive games and activities to solidify learning.
4. Emphasis on an enjoyable and engaging educational experience.
Arabic Language Course for Women
Tailored to provide a comfortable learning environment for women, this course includes:
1. Qualified female instructors.
2. Flexible schedule options to suit various lifestyles.
3. Privacy-oriented and respectful learning atmosphere.
4. Customized pace to suit individual learning styles, especially for beginners.
Intermediate Arabic Language Course
Aimed at students who have a basic understanding and want to delve deeper, this course covers:
1. More advanced grammar and vocabulary.
2. Enhanced speaking and listening exercises for conversational fluency.
3. Reading practice with more complex texts.
4. Advanced pronunciation and intonation techniques.
Personalized Arabic Language Tutoring
For those who require additional support or face unique challenges, this course provides:
1. Customized teaching strategies designed to meet unique educational requirements.
2. Patient, experienced tutors focused on individual progress.
3. Reinforcement activities to strengthen weaker areas.
Comprehensive Arabic Language Course with Cultural Immersion
This course not only teaches language but also immerses students in Arabic culture, including:
1. Integration of cultural context in language lessons.
2. Practice sessions that include cultural references and real-life scenarios.
3. Emphasis on colloquial expressions and cultural nuances.
4. Progressive steps towards mastering conversational and formal Arabic.
Final Evaluation and Advancement
Upon completion of each course, students undergo an assessment to gauge their progress. Successful learners are then guided to the next level of learning, enhancing their mastery of the Arabic language and preparing them for more advanced courses or practical applications in real-world scenarios.

Features of learn Arabic Language Online Course

24/7 Access Anywhere
Virtual Classrooms
Weekly 5 Classes
Multimedia Resources Library
In-depth Curriculum
Dynamic Learning Tools
30-Minute Duration
Female & Male Tutors
Cultural Immersion Sessions
Arabic Language Course Teacher’s
Enriches Your UnderstandingThey will explain the significance of learning Arabic, emphasizing its importance for communication and a deeper understanding of cultural and historical contexts.
Emphasizes Regular PracticeYour teacher will stress the importance of consistent practice in enhancing your language skills, focusing on spoken and written Arabic.
Your Mentor and GuideYour teacher will guide you in pronouncing Arabic letters and words accurately, acting as a mentor to help you master the language.
Source of MotivationExpect to receive abundant encouragement. Your instructor will be there to motivate you, especially during challenging moments in your learning journey.
Monitors ProgressYour educator will track your progress, offering personalized feedback and strategies to help you improve your language proficiency.
Important Reminder
Arabic Learning is key to engaging with rich cultural and literary heritage. While it may seem daunting initially, regular practice and dedication will lead to mastery. Your teachers at Qari.live are committed to providing an interactive and comprehensive learning experience. Stay focused, and soon, you’ll be confidently communicating in Arabic.

Curriculum Of Learn Arabic Language CourseThe Arabic Language Online Course has a 3-month duration. The Lecture schedule is as follows:

1-2 Week

  • Meet the 28 unique Arabic letters.
  • Learn how each one sounds and is pronounced.
  • Practice combining these letters to make simple words.
  • Delve into how Arabic words are structured.
  • Please get to know the foundation of words and how they branch out.

3-4 Week

  • Familiarize yourself with keywords from the Quran.
  • Read and learn from handpicked verses from the Quran.
  • Dig deep into the language used and its meaning.
  • Reflect on the spiritual messages within.

5-6 Week

  • Begin your journey with the rules of Arabic grammar.
  • Take a closer look at nouns, verbs, and small connecting words.
  • Learn how to build longer and more intricate sentences.
  • Practice making basic conversations in Arabic.
  • Go through examples of daily life talks.

7-8 Week

  • Boost your ability to listen and respond in Arabic.
  • Discover words that appear a lot in the Quran.
  • Dive deep into what these words mean and why they matter.
  • Learn methods to remember these words quickly.

9-10 Week

  • Enjoy tales and moral stories from the Quran.
  • Understand the history and background behind these tales.
  • Explore the beauty of the Arabic language used in them.
  • Learn the basics of Tajweed, the art of Quranic pronunciation.
  • Practice techniques to recite the Quran more beautifully.

11-12 Week

  • Spot common mistakes and learn how to fix them.
  • Get introduced to different ways Arabic is spoken across countries.
  • Compare the classic Arabic with these regional styles.
  • Understand the rich tapestry of languages in the Arab world.
Each week’s date and time
Days and Time: Monday to Friday, 30 minutes per day (Total 2.5 hours)

Outcomes of Arabic Language course

  • Easy Arabic Literacy
  • Improved Spoken Arabic
  • Insightful Cultural Chats
  • Diverse Arabic Styles
  • Old Arabic Literature
  • Practical Arabic Application
  • Broad Word Range
  • Boosted Speaking Confidence
  • Continuous Learning Access
  • Worldwide Arabic Community
Arabic Language Learning App

Online Arabic Language Course Challenges and solutions

Memorizing Arabic AlphabetUse Repetitive Learning Techniques
Struggling with PronunciationPractice with Audio Recordings
Understanding Tajweed RulesSimplify Tajweed Instruction
Maintaining Regular PracticeSchedule Daily Practice Sessions
Staying MotivatedSet Small, Achievable Goals
Managing Time EffectivelyCreate a Structured Timetable
Recitation Speed IssuesStart with Slow Recitation
Difficulty in Letter RecognitionUse Visual Learning Aids
Keeping Up with ProgressTrack Learning with Milestones
Dealing with DistractionsStudy in Quiet, Focused Environment

Online Quranic Arabic Course Prerequisite

  • It’s good to know Arabic letters and sounds.
  • A strong interest in learning Arabic is essential.
  • A stable internet and a device are needed for online classes.
  • Spend some weekly hours for classes and personal study.
  • Understand and appreciate the rich Arabic culture.
  • Engage in group talks and activities to practice.
  • Stay open to comments to improve your Arabic.
  • Make the most of the videos and exercises given.
  • Regular practice, even outside class, helps a lot.
  • Interact with the Qari. Live a live community for better learning of Quranic Arabic Language.

Free Arabic Language Course Online at Qari.live

At Qari.live, we are passionate about the transformative power of language and are dedicated to making language learning accessible to everyone. This commitment has inspired us to launch a unique initiative: an Arabic Language Course Online, completely free of charge.

Our aim is to break down financial barriers and open up opportunities for all to explore the rich cultural heritage and linguistic beauty of the Arabic language.

Our Arabic Language Free Course is not just any course; it’s a comprehensive journey through the depths of a language that bridges gaps and connects cultures. Whether you’re interested in the best online Arabic language courses for personal growth or seeking an Arabic language course online free with a certificate for professional development, our program is designed to cater to a diverse range of learners.


Enroll in our Arabic Language Course Online Free with Certificate and dive into a world where history, tradition, and modernity intertwine. This is your chance to immerse yourself in a learning experience that transcends the typical constraints of cost and accessibility.

Sign up today and embrace the opportunity to learn Arabic in an engaging, interactive, and absolutely free environment. Join us at Qari.Live – where learning knows no bounds, and everyone deserves the chance to discover the wonders of the Arabic language.

With Qari.Live, enrolling to learn to read Quran is more than just joining a course; it’s about being part of a community where learning is a journey of enlightenment. Here, financial limitations do not define your access to knowledge. We stand committed to providing the best Arabic language courses, ensuring that faith and education are accessible to all, shining as beacons of hope and knowledge.

Are you ready to Learn Arabic Language Online?

5 Easy methods of How to Study Arabic Language

Norani Qaida

Interactive Apps and Online PlatformsUse language learning apps like Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, or Memrise, which offer beginner to advanced Arabic courses.

Online platforms like Qari.live can connect you with native speakers for conversational practice.

Norani Qaida

Flashcards and RepetitionCreate or buy Arabic flashcards to expand your vocabulary.

Use spaced repetition systems (SRS) like Anki to ensure you remember new words over the long term.

Norani Qaida

Engage with Arabic MediaListen to Arabic music, watch movies or TV shows, and try to understand the context. This will also help you get accustomed to the sounds and rhythm of the language.

News websites or children’s books in Arabic can be a good starting point for reading practice.

Norani Qaida

Language Exchange and TutorsPartner with a native Arabic speaker to exchange language lessons. They can teach you Arabic while you teach them your native language.

Consider hiring a tutor for personalized lessons and guidance.

Arabic Language Learning
Norani Qaida

Cultural ImmersionVisit an Arabic-speaking country.
Attend Arabic cultural events workshops or join language clubs in your area to practice speaking and immerse yourself in the culture.

Why Choose Our Online Arabic Language Course?


Expert TeachersWe have experienced Arabic teachers who love to teach. They keep learning new ways to guide you better.


Learn AnytimeYou can learn whenever you want with our online course. Whether you like studying early or late, we’re always available.


Fun Learning No more boring classes. Our course has fun activities, quizzes, and videos to help you learn.


Learn About Culture As you learn Arabic, you’ll also learn about its culture and history, making your study more enjoyable.


Won’t Cost MuchOur high-quality course doesn’t cost a lot. It’s great learning at a reasonable price.


Easy-to-UseOur learning platform is simple, works on many devices, and lets you learn without hitches.


Certification AwardedUpon successful completion, you will be awarded a certificate to recognize your accomplishment.

Are you ready to Learn Arabic Language Course?

Monthly Fees Structure

Schedule/WeekClasses/MonthFee in USD
2 Classes/Week8 Classes/Month$35/Month
3 Classes/Week12 Classes/Month$50/Month
4 Classes/Week16 Classes/Month$65/Month
5 Classes/Week20 Classes/Month$80/Month

For any Query? Reach out to our support at support@qari.live.

What People Say About Us

10Expert Score
Umar, 16 years old

If you’re looking for an exceptional Quranic Arabic language course, Qari. Live is the place to be. I had the honor of having a knowledgeable, incredibly patient, and understanding teacher. Throughout my lessons, they provided unwavering support and encouragement. Because of this nurturing environment, my learning journey was effective and truly enjoyable.

9Expert Score
Ayesha, 18 year

I’m absolutely delighted with the Quranic Arabic Language course offered by Qari. Live. The lessons were structured in a way that enhanced my learning capabilities manifold. The comprehensive teaching methods and engaging content paved the way for my substantial improvement. Completing the course and earning my certificate was an accomplishment I hold dear. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone eager to dive deep into the Arabic language.

Are you ready For Arabic Language Learning Course?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can beginners join the course?

Definitely! This online Arabic course is for everyone, even if you’re starting out. Our teachers will start from the basics and help you grow step by step.

Can I pick when I want to study?

You bet! At Qari, we get that everyone’s busy. That’s why our class times are super flexible. Just pick what works for you.

How will I chat with my teacher during lessons?

We’ve got an excellent online classroom where you can see, talk to, and even write to your teacher, all in real time.

How to learn Arabic language?

To effectively learn Arabic, immerse yourself in the language through regular practice, engaging with native speakers, and using learning tools like language apps and courses. Additionally, understanding the cultural context and practicing reading, writing, and speaking in real-life scenarios greatly enhances your learning experience.

is Arabic a hard language to learn?

Arabic can be challenging for learners due to its unique script, extensive vocabulary, and pronunciation nuances. However, with consistent practice and immersion, it becomes more manageable and rewarding to learn.

People Also Ask

Which is the best online Arabic language course?

The best course depends on your needs and budget. Popular ones are Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, and ArabicOnline. Check reviews and try free trials to find what suits you.

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