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What are the Benefits of Hifz Quran?

All thanks to Allah, the Creator of everything, and blessings to His messenger.

Al Haafidh, as Suyootee mentioned, “Teaching kids the Quran is essential in Islam. This guidance lights their hearts with wisdom before negative influences reach them.”

Ibn Taymiyyah highlighted, “Prioritizing the Quran’s memorization is more valuable than much of what people consider knowledge, which often isn’t useful or is misleading.”

Parents should realize the rewards awaiting their children when they engage with the Quran. Allah promises numerous blessings for those who memorize His words.

20 benefits of memorizing quran to consider:

1. Elevated Status in Life and Afterlife

A person who memorizes the Quran becomes special and receives high regard. They often lead prayers due to their deep knowledge of the Quran. Even in death, those who’ve memorized the Quran are given honor. For instance, at the Battle of Uhud, the Prophet prioritized burying those who knew the Quran over others.

In the afterlife, memorizers of the Quran will be in esteemed company,

as said in Al-Bukhari:
“They will be with the noble, righteous scribes.”

They will also have the privilege of intercession on a day when it’s most needed. Their status is lifted in life and hereafter because of their connection to the Quran.

The Prophet mentioned,
“Allah elevates some with this book and degrades others” (Muslim).

So, it’s a true honor if your child is among those elevated by the Quran.

2. Blessings for Your Children

The Prophet said,
“If Allah wants the best for someone, He grants them a deep understanding of the religion” (Al-Bukhari).

The core of understanding religion lies in reciting and Quran memorization, as it’s the primary guide for believers.

3. Cherished by Allah

The Prophet mentioned,
“Allah has special people among humanity, and those who know the Quran are His chosen ones” (Ahmed and An Nisai).

This saying is validated by several scholars, highlighting the esteemed position of those who engage with the Quran. Consider memorizing the Quran online to be in Allah’s favor.

4. Respecting Them is Respecting Allah

The Prophet taught that honoring an elder Muslim and someone who has memorized the Quran is a way of showing respect to Allah. It’s essential to approach the Quran with sincerity and dedication without overdoing it or neglecting it (Abu Dawood).

Memorizing The Quran

5. Priority in Burial Due to the Quran

After the battle of Uhud, when burying the fallen, the Prophet would ask which among the deceased knew more of the Quran. Those with more excellent Quranic knowledge were given precedence in burial (Al Bukhari).

6. Protection from Deception

Memorizing the first ten verses of Surah Al Kahf will protect one from the deceptions of Dajjal, the great deceiver (Muslim).

7. Elevated Status in Paradise

The Prophet said that in Paradise, individuals who’ve memorized the Quran will be told to recite and ascend. With each verse they repeat, they’ll rise to a level. This suggests that there are as many levels in Paradise as verses in the Quran. So, the more one memorizes, the higher their rank. If someone memorizes the Quran, they’ll attain the topmost levels (Aboo Dawood). It’s a great encouragement to learn and act upon the Quran for a noble standing hereafter.

Hifz Quran

8. Rewards for Memorizing the Quran

On Judgment Day, those who’ve memorized the Quran will be honored. They’ll receive a crown and unique garments. Additionally, as they recite each verse, they’ll earn more good deeds (At Tirmidhi).
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9. Quran as an Advocate

On the challenging Day of Judgment, the Quran will intercede for those who recite and love it, acting as their advocate (Muslim).

10. Parents’ Reward for a Child Memorizing the Quran

When someone memorizes and follows the Quran, their parents will receive a radiant crown on Judgment Day. This crown will shine brighter than the sun. The person who memorized the Quran will also receive immense rewards. For parents, there’s no more incredible honor than this recognition on such a significant day. Everyone should encourage their kids to learn and internalize the Quran, as it brings eternal blessings not only for the individual but also for their family.

Memorizing The Quran

11. Quran as a Witness on Judgment Day

On Judgment Day, the Quran will stand as evidence for those who followed its teachings. Surah Al Baqarah and Al Imran will speak for those who recited them.

12. Elevated Status with Angels

Children proficient in reciting the Quran will be placed among the respected angel scribes, as highlighted by the Prophet.

13. Rewards for Each Letter of the Quran

Every letter from the Quran a person recites grants them ten rewards or even more. The Prophet emphasized that even “Alif Lam Mim” is counted as individual letters, not one word. Thus, someone who memorizes the Quran, which has 6,666 verses, accumulates immense rewards due to the multiple letters in each verse. Reciting it continuously multiplies these blessings beyond our comprehension.

14. Protection from Hellfire

Anyone who embodies the Quran will be spared from hellfire, as highlighted by the Prophet.

15. A Heart Full of Life (Benefits of Quran memorization)

The Prophet emphasized that someone without the Quran in their heart is like an empty, ruined house.


16. Noble Character from the Quran

Ibn Mas’ood described that their distinctive noble character traits recognize those who internalize the Quran. They pray at night, fast during the day, remain humble, and are often more reflective and silent in a noisy world. Memorizing the Quran enriches a child’s heart with these virtues, making them carriers of the timeless, pure words of the Creator. In today’s age, where many are distracted by trivial things, this is a significant achievement.

17. Entry to Heaven through the Quran

According to Prophet Muhammad, if someone memorizes the Quran and lives by its teachings, respecting what’s permitted and avoiding what’s prohibited, they will be granted entry to Heaven.

18. Extra Rewards for Effort and benefits of memorizing quran in the hereafter

The Prophet once compared those who read and remember the Quran to the honorable scribes. However, those who find it challenging but persistently try to memorize the Quran are promised at least double the reward. Even when it gets tough, it’s crucial not to give up. There’s a belief that obstacles might be from opposing forces, knowing the immense rewards waiting for the persistent learner. If someone sincerely intends to learn the Quran and passes away, they might be elevated to those who entirely memorize it, reaping the benefits of memorizing Quran in the hereafter. Such is the mercy of Allah!

19. Ease of Memorizing the Quran

Allah has made the Quran easy for people to remember. Even though its verses are profound, they are designed to be easy to understand and memorize. This is highlighted in the verse from the chapter Al-Qamar, where it’s mentioned four times that the Quran is made accessible to remember. While some might find memorizing challenging, especially if they’re new to Arabic or have memory issues, their effort is realized and highly rewarded. As the Prophet Muhammad mentioned, if someone strives hard to memorize it despite difficulties, they receive double the reward.

20. Being a Role Model

When you work on memorizing the Quran, you set a positive example for your children and others around you. This is incredibly impactful for your daughters in a society where sometimes boys might get more attention in religious education. As a woman, you stand as an inspiration for other Muslim women, showcasing that it’s achievable for everyone. Memorizing the Quran elevates your status, making you a figure of admiration. Whether you’re single, married, with one child, or many, the journey of memorizing the Quran is possible for all. With sincere prayer and dedication, success is inevitable because Allah’s promises are always accurate.

Conclusion(Benefits of memorising the Quran)

Memorizing the Quran, the holy word of Allah is one of the best things you can do. This effort unlocks countless blessings for you. For instance, every letter you recite earns you ten good deeds. Just think about it: a short chapter like Al-Kawthar with 42 notes makes you 420 good deeds in seconds. The total good deeds from reading the Quran, which has over 300,000 letters, are unimaginable!

Beyond its religious significance, the Quran is a vast source of knowledge, covering stories, scientific facts, laws, and guidance for life, making it a comprehensive encyclopedia. As you learn it, your language skills improve due to the rich Arabic, and you become more patient and resilient. Memorizing the Quran is more than just learning words; it’s about internalizing its teachings and letting them shape your character.

The Prophet’s character was described as being the Quran itself. If you wish to embody such noble characteristics, delve into the Quran.

Reading the Quran also offers healing. It helps counteract physical and mental ailments, and strengthens your immunity against negative thoughts. This isn’t just a theoretical statement; many who’ve memorized the Quran or parts of it can vouch for these benefits.

Lastly, when you embark on this journey of memorizing the Quran, your days become more fulfilled. The sense of purpose it provides wards off stress, fear, and boredom. Embracing the Quran is like starting afresh, with renewed spirit and clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is memorization helpful?

It allows for fast access to information. Memorization builds a foundation for deeper learning.

What is the best way to Hifz Quran?

Stick to a daily routine and understand its meaning. Regularly revisit verses and listen to recitations.

What is the duration of the Hafiz course?

Typically, its range is from 2 to 6 years. The time depends on dedication and teaching methods.

How to complete Hifz in one year?

Study intensively and review regularly. Seek guidance from a knowledgeable teacher.

How to master memorization of the Quran?

Commit and review even after completing it. Engage in teaching and stay connected with study groups.

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