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Hifz Classes for Ladies

At Qari.live Network, we offer top-notch classes of Quran Hifz for ladies taught by our certified female tutors. These classes are designed to fit into various schedules, catering to women from all walks of life.
Learn to memorize the Quran with a focus on correct Tajweed and pronunciation. Our lessons also cover the meanings, summaries, and explanations (Tafseer) of the Surahs. Choose any part of the Quran you wish to memorize, and we’ll provide you with a clear, structured learning plan.

About Our Hifz Classes for Ladies

  • Our online Hifz course for ladies is designed to be flexible, making it perfect for all – students, working women, or homemakers. We’ve tailored our lessons to fit into your busy schedule seamlessly.
  • Our female hafizas, who are qualified and certified, bring their extensive experience to make learning Hifz straightforward and enjoyable for you. The classes focus on making each verse clear with proper Tajweed and meaning. Choose any Quran section you want to focus on and opt for private or group sessions.
  • This course includes regular tests, quizzes, progress tracking, and meetings to ensure you’re on the right path. Once you’ve successfully memorized a part of the Quran, whether it’s a Surah, a Juz, or the entire book, you’ll receive formal certification.

Quran Hifz for ladies Course Levels

Our Quran Hifz course for ladies is broken down into four easy-to-follow levels, each designed to help you memorize the Quran at your own pace:

Level 1: Memorizing Juz Amma

Start with memorizing shorter Surahs to ease into the process. We divide Juz Amma into two manageable parts:

  • Surah An-Naas to Surah Al-A’ala
  • Surah At-Tareq to Surah An-Nabaa

We’re flexible and can adjust or further split these parts to meet your needs.

Level 2: Memorizing Specific Long Surahs

  • Pick any longer Surahs you wish to learn. We’ll break them down for you, highlighting key themes and providing mind maps to help memorize with Tafseer’s assistance. Your tutor will tailor the lessons to your preferences, building upon the routine you started in Level 1.

Level 3: Memorizing the Entire Quran

  • This advanced level is for those ready to memorize the whole Quran. You can start here directly or progress from the previous levels. We’ve set up small milestones within this level to keep the learning manageable and enjoyable.

Level 4: Quran Ijazah

  • This final level is for anyone aspiring to teach the Quran. To earn your Ijazah – the highest degree in Quran memorization – you must know the entire Quran, understand Tajweed rules, and pass an online exam. With Ijazah, you’re officially certified and can teach others.

Expert Female Huffaz Tutors for Sisters

In our online Quran memorization classes, we offer top-notch female instructors for Hifz Classes for Ladies. Here’s what makes our teachers stand out:

  • Each tutor is a qualified Hafiza.
  • They are highly experienced and scholarly.
  • All have certifications from well-known universities.
Our tutors have been carefully examined for their online teaching skills to ensure they deliver the best learning experience. They are bilingual, fluent in English with a clear accent, and skilled in using modern teaching technologies, thanks to regular training. Plus, to make sure you’re comfortable, our teachers offer two free trial classes before you decide to join our Online Quran memorization classes for sisters at Qari.live.
Online Quran Memorization Classes For Sisters

Hifz Class Options at Qari.live Quran Academy

At Qari.live, we understand that everyone has different schedules and learning speeds. That’s why we offer online Hifz class schedules for ladies, each with a different pace and completion time.
Here’s a quick look at our schedule options:

Number of WeeklyClassesDailyLessonEnd Date
4 Days a Week2 pages1.5 years
5 Days a Week3 pages10 months
6 Days a Week4 pages6 months

This table represents the typical schedule for memorizing the entire Quran. You can constantly personalize your Hifz plan according to your needs, focusing on specific Juz or Surahs.

Well-organized Curriculum of Hifz Lessons for Females

Our Hifz curriculum for women is designed for ease and clarity. It helps sisters easily follow along and prepare for upcoming lessons, acting like a roadmap for their learning journey. The course includes:

  • Memorizing verses.
  • Revising in class.
  • Post-class revision.
  • Review before the next class.
  • Weekly verse tests.
  • Monthly chapter tests.
  • Oral quizzes on memorization, and more.

Effective Hifz Techniques for Women by Expert Tutors

Our adult Hifz classes for ladies use a teaching strategy based on understanding the learners’ needs and abilities.

Preview Before Class
Look over your Hifz lesson before class to prepare for learning new verses. Revising the previous study beforehand helps correct mistakes more quickly during the course.
Recite Yesterday's Lesson
Each day, you’ll recite the lesson from the previous day. This way, your tutor can point out errors early, ensuring your memorization is accurate and precise.
Learn and Memorize Daily Lessons
You’ll then move on to your new lesson. You must recite it three times with your teacher and practice it on your own multiple times.
Weekly Check-In
Choose a day each week to review everything you’ve memorized so far with your tutor. This regular recap helps in tracking your progress and solidifying your memorization.

Outcomes of Hifz Lessons for Sisters

Our Hifz classes for ladies aim to achieve these learning goals during the course:

  • Apply all the recitation and Tajweed rules taught in class.
  • Gain a solid understanding and memorization of the Surahs you’ve studied.
  • Learn to recite in a beautiful voice, emulating your favorite Qari Mishary bin Rashid Alafasy.
  • Understand the meaning behind the Surahs you are repeating.
  • Be able to start reciting from any given Ayah.
  • Recite confidently and clearly, similar to native Arabic speakers.


In conclusion, our Online Quran memorization classes for sisters are created with the needs of different learners in mind. Our skilled female teachers, adjustable class times, and clear lessons help make learning to memorize the Quran a fulfilling experience. Whether you’re just starting or working on improving your skills, our classes are supportive and helpful. We’re here to guide you in confidently memorizing the Quran and growing your faith. Come and be a part of this remarkable journey, where you can learn and connect with the Quran’s teachings meaningfully.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can a woman become a hafiz?

Absolutely! Gender doesn’t matter when it comes to becoming a hafiz. Both men and women are equally capable and will be judged by their actions. Women can achieve hafiz status with excellent tajweed by committing time to online hifz classes, which offer flexibility for female learners.

Is it difficult to become a hafiz?

Not really! Becoming a hafiz mainly requires dedication and hard work. It’s a lengthy process with much revision, so staying focused and committed is critical.

Can someone become a hafiz at any age?

Yes, you can learn to hifz the Quran at any age, but starting early often helps because of better memory and concentration abilities.

How can you become a hafiza through online Quran memorization classes for sisters?

To become a hafiza through Online Quran memorization classes for sisters, find some time in your schedule to join online classes from a trusted source like Qari.live. Choose courses that fit your routine and begin with a tailored plan.

What are the advantages of free online Quran memorization classes for sisters?

Free online Quran memorization classes for sisters offer several benefits:
Access to skilled Arabic tutors, even from a distance.
Learning accurate Quran memorization with excellent Tajweed from native speakers.
Flexible class timings to suit their schedule.
Option to reschedule if needed.
Earning a hifz certification upon course completion.

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