Darood Taj: A Breakdown of Its Blessings

Across the Muslim world, the Darood e Taj holds a special place in hearts and on tongues. Meaning “Crown Praise,” it’s more than just words. It’s a heartfelt way to honor Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), filled with love and deep respect. For many Muslims, reciting this prayer brings peace and strengthens their connection to the Prophet’s teachings.

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Darood e Taj Recitation Video in Arabic

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Darood Taj Read Online in Arabic and Urdu

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Send More Blessing On Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)

Scholars believe reciting Darood E Taj brings Various Benefits

Meeting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Reciting 180 times every Thursday evening for 40 weeks is said to grant this blessing in dreams.

Success and Provision

Reciting 7 times after the Fajr prayer is believed to increase income and blessings.


Blowing on water after reciting 11 times and drinking it is said to cure illnesses.

Snake / Scorpion Bites

Reciting continuously while touching the bite is believed to bring healing.
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