Learn How to Pronounce Meem Saakinah Correctly Today

In this discussion, we will delve into the Tajweed Rules Of Meem Sakinah controlling the pronunciation of Meem Sakin, also known as “Meem Sakin.” These tajweed rules are an essential part of Tajweed, the proper way to recite the Quran beautifully and accurately.

Meem Saakin Definition

Meem Sakinah is the letter “Meem” with a sukoon. When reciting the Quran, adhering to its rules ensures accurate pronunciation and reverence for the holy text.

Rules Of Meem Saakinah

Meem Sakinah, or Meem Sakin, refers to the letter “Meem” (م) with a sukoon (ْ), indicating a complete stop in pronunciation. To recite it correctly, we follow specific rules.

Al-Idgham Al-Shafawi
It is pronounced with Ghunnah
Al-Iqlab Al-Shafawi
It is pronounced with Ghunnah
Al-Izhar Al-Shafawi
It is pronounced without Ghunnah

Idgham Shafawi Rule

The initial Meem Sakinah rule is called Idgham Shafwi, which involves blending one letter into another, specifically when it happens between two lips. This particular kind of blending is also referred to as Idgham Mithlien Sagherien.

When you have a letter ‘Meem‘ that doesn’t carry any vowels (Meem Sakin), and it comes right after a ‘Meem’ that has vowels, these two ‘Meems’ join together to make a stronger, emphasized ‘Meem’ sound.

Idgham Shafawi Rule

Idgham Shafawi Letters

Idgham Shafwi involves two similar Meem letters (م), making it easy to remember and spot in the text.

Meem Sakinah+Meem.

Idgham al-Shafawi Examples

An example of Idgham Shafwi is when we merge Meem Sakin with ب (Ba), pronouncing it as “mba” with a seamless transition, as in the Quranic verse:

(أَلَا يَظُنُّ أُولَئِكَ أَنَّهُم مّبْعُوثُون)

Ikhfa Shafawi Rule

The second Meem Sakinah rule is Ikhfa, where Meem’s lip movement is hidden in pronunciation. This happens when Meem Sakinah comes befor the letter ‘ب’ (baa), and the lips close when saying Meem Sakinah with a Ghunnah, then open when moving to ‘Baa’.

Ikhfa Shafawi

Ikhfa Shafawi Letters

Ikgham Shafawi involves the letter ‘Baa’ (ب), which is easy to remember, as shown below.

Meem Sakinah+Ba.

Ikhfa Shafawi Examples

In Ikhfa Shafwi, we pronounce Meem Sakin discreetly when followed by one of these letters, as demonstrated in the Quranic verse

(أَمْ لَكُم بَرَاءَةٌ فِي الزُّبُر)

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Izhaar Shafawi Rule

The final and simplest rule regarding Meem Sakinah is known as “Izhar,” where the letter Meem is pronounced distinctly and clearly without any blending or merging with the following letter.

Izhar Shafawi specifically occurs when Meem Sakinah is followed by any of the remaining letters of the Arabic alphabet, except for ب (Ba) and م (Meem). This pronunciation rule applies whether the letters are within a single word or between two separate words.

Izhaar Shafawi

Izhaar Shafwi Letters

By focusing on the letter mentioned in the previous explanations, you can see how Izhaar applies to all the letters except for meem and baa. When these 26 letters follow meem sakina, there’s no special effect, nasal sound, or ghunnah, and they should all be pronounced clearly.

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Meem Sakinah + Any other letter.

Al-Izhaar Shafawi Examples

For Izhaar Shafwi, we pronounce Meem Sakin distinctly, without blending, as seen in the Quranic verse.

(عَلَيْهِمْ نَارٌ مّؤْصَدَة)

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The rules of Meem Sakinah (Meem Sakin) are vital for Tajweed, enabling us to
recite the Quran with precision and grace. These rules are integral to perfecting the art of Quranic recitation, fostering a deeper connection with the sacred text.

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Q: What is Meem Sakinah?

A: Meem Sakinah is the Arabic term for the letter “Meem” (م) with a sukoon (ْ), indicating a complete stop in pronunciation.

Q: What is sakinah meaning in arabic?

A: In Arabic, “Sakinah” means tranquility or serenity.

Q: What is sakinah in islam?

A: In Islam, “Sakinah” refers to the state of inner peace and calmness that a believer experiences through faith and submission to Allah’s will.

Q: What Are The Rules Of Meem Saakin?

A: There are three primary rules for Meem Sakin: Idgham al-hafawi, Ikhfa al-Shafawi, and Izhaar al-Shafawi.

Q: How can I improve my Tajweed skills with Meem Sakinah rules?

A: To your Tajweed skills, consider enrolling in a Tajweed course where you can receive one-on-one instruction from trusted teachers. Practice regularly and recite the Quran with proper pronunciation to improve your recitation.

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