Surah Al Falaq: Your Shield Against Unseen Dangers

Sometimes, we worry about things we can’t control—like someone wishing us harm or the fear that something bad might happen when we’re alone.

Surah Al Falaq, in the Quran, offers protection against these unseen dangers. It’s like a shield against negativity and hidden threats.

This surah, along with Surah Al-Kafiroon, Surah Al-Ikhlaas,and Surah An-Nas, are collectively known as the 4 Qul.

Surah Al Falaq

Surah Falaq (Arabic text: الفلق), titled “The Daybreak” in English. It is the 113th Surah of Quran.

Surah Falaq in Video and Audio

Courtesty By M Asif

Read Surah Falaq Online in Arabic, Urdu and English

Surah Al Falaq In Arabic, Urdu And English

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The Message 


The darkness of the NightJust as night brings uncertainty, it symbolizes the hidden dangers in life.


EnvyThose who feel jealous can sometimes wish harm on others.


WitchcraftThis represents unseen evil forces that can attempt to cause trouble.

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This Surah reminds us that Allah (SWT) is the ultimate protector. It teaches us to:


Seek refuge in GodAcknowledging that true protection comes from Him brings peace.


Be mindful of negativityAcknowledging that true protection comes from Him brings peace.


Be mindful of negativityIt highlights the potential dangers around us, encouraging vigilance.


Find comfortIts words offer reassurance and create a sense of safety.

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