Surah Ikhlas: A Spark That ignites Belief

Surah Ikhlas is a special chapter in the Quran. It’s short, but it holds a big secret about God. This chapter explains that God is one, special, and there’s no one else like Him.

This surah emerged from a challenge; the Prophet Muhammad’s people demanded he describe God, and this chapter was his answer.

This surah, along with Surah Al-Kafirun, Surah Al-Falaq,and Surah An-Nas, are collectively known as the 4 Qul.

Surah Ikhlas

It is the 112th Surah of the Quran with an English meaning of “Fidelity” or “Sincerity.” It has only four verses.

The Surah rejects any idea that Allah (SWT) could have children, partners, or equals.

Surah Al Ikhlas video and audio

Courtesy By M Asif

Read Surah Al Ikhlas Online in Arabic, Urdu and English

Surah Ikhlas In Arabic, Urdu And English

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Importance of Surah Al Ikhlas

  • Forms the foundation of Islamic belief in God’s pure oneness (Tawhid).
  • Reminds believers to focus their worship on the one true God and reject any form of false gods or idols.
  • Some Muslims believe reciting Surah Ikhlas carries a reward equal to reciting one-third of the entire Quran.

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